My Story❤️

Welcome to the home of my story❤️

I’m here to share my story; how stress killed my health and my struggle to come back to life.

My lifelong struggle to simply take care of me when my family didn’t whether they wanted to or not. The financial crunch of being on your own by yourself. The sacrifices required from me to get me from a cash flow problem to financial freedom.

I share from the heart honestly and openly; how the stress killed my health, the long search for help while I was dying and years later when I found a solution, my struggle through the healing process, finding a way live, love, and cope.

The future lies ahead of me unknown. I had nine years of uninhibited, carefree, happy years of tattered memories before the tumultuous war I fought to keep my dignity, self esteem, and confidence. I am not the same carefree girl I was when I was nine, but I am very proud to tell you that I kept my dignity, self respect, esteem, and confidence.

I share what I found to turn my health around, and while I share I have been privileged to help others change their life, but the amazing part of this sharing is the cash flow that it’s creating ❤️

I would love to help create a happy miracle in your life❤️