I Wants Results Now!

This is so totally that girl from Germany that went to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! And she was the bad egg 😜

No! Sooner than now🙄 Now it’s to late! Bang! We slam the door shut because we didn’t get results as soon as we wanted. 

Really? I watch this and shake my head. That’s seriously asking for trouble (and not the good kind)! Yes, a bad egg kind of person. Why? 

Because nothing in this world is instant. Everything takes time. If it’s instant, it’s fake. When your body ingests fake food your body doesn’t know what to do. Your gut says ‘I’m full, your brain says I need my vitamins and minerals!’ do your body decides it must be still hungry so the body eats more food and probably with just as little nutrition. Obesity in action! Your gut and brain will always have this argument. Your body will always scream and yell at you until you find a way to give your body the nutrition it’s asking for. 

The longer you feed your body fake food the longer it will take for you to achieve the results you are looking for. My story is a perfect example. 

I was nine when I was sexually assaulted. My mom didn’t know how to help me, dad decided that it was my fault so life moves on and I wasn’t allowed emotional support. Loose your virginity and you need support. No matter what age; life has a different perspective after virginity is lost. This stress killed my gut health. How do I know? Yeast overgrowth symptoms within 6 months of the incident. Back than I didn’t know anything about gut health; my parents refused to talk to me. My siblings followed their example. But I didn’t give up. I kept searching and looking until I found what I needed. Now I know and I’m not following my family’s example. I’m here to help you REGAIN your gut health. I won’t stop sharing because you don’t like it. 
It’s all about mindset. Change your thoughts. Change your life. Quite simple. Life changing! But not immediately. There’s always a struggle before the battle is won and things go up. Up and down, but always up❤️


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