Network Marketing Isn’t Bad

Networking isn’t all bad. It gets a bad reputation from those who either are looking for money or from those who don’t understand what network marketing actually is. Anyone with a lot of bad experiences will usually spread false stories because they’re tired of all bad stuff. They want a good experience!!!

The income available from network marketing can be quite helpful, especially for those looking to get out of debt or creating an income because getting a job nowadays can be quite difficult. As always most people don’t want to do the hard work behind what it takes to achieve that helpful income. 

Just like every job has its yuck, so does network marketing. You’re constantly dealing with people so you’re going to be meeting A LOT of ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly.’ But I ask you, “why would you work a job in the first place? You’re going to be dealing with yuck!” But you tell me you have a family to care for. You have bills to pay. Just like everyone else! Me too! 

But here’s the difference. I’ve seen myself at my best and worst. I’ve struggled with networking and the job. No matter what you tell me I’ll always tell you networking is the best thing you can do for yourself. Why? Because you can choose how much income you need. You can work part time with a full time income. You can work it according to your family’s schedule instead of the other way around; like a job. You’ll always be there for your children. You get paid tomorrow for what you do today. Your income grows according to how well you serve others. Focus on serving others, personal development, grow your leadership skills! You can do it. It’s all on what you’re focusing on. The good, or the bad in every area of life. Personal and business. 

Network marketing is completely and 💯 % public relations. You’re dealing with people the whole time, communicating, sharing, and using the products you’re sharing with others whether it be your example, and/or verbally. Money is not a part of this equation. The money is like a thank you for serving others. 

Automation is a subject any network marketer will consider. Why?Because no matter how hard you work there are only 60 seconds a minute. Nope. It didn’t change. The problem is people prefer honesty. When I’m directed to a sight that’s loud and has videos playing I immediately mark it as scam. Honesty is quiet, cheerful, happy and doesn’t DEMAND your attention. Automation isn’t authentic or real. You need you as authentic as possible. Your business will follow. It’s the only way to grow and keep a team! 

Think about it like this: when you want to go on a trip you simply go and don’t think twice. You use your credit card and off you go! Here’s the thing: this trip could be a ‘tax write off’ with being a network marketer. You could be happy, healthy, and use a credit card that’s never maxed out! 


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