No One Hiring You? Here’s What I Did.

I’ve started up a crochet shop now that my health has improved enough for me to consider using what I have to create my own income. 

When you don’t get hired and you’ve exhausted all other means of getting a job the other option is to use what you have to create an income and go from there. It’s different than a job; more self discipline, more personal development, more time consuming, but the income you are capable of creating is worth it all!!!

First up was Plexus Worldwide. I used their products to help me get my health back but I decided last Christmas to get serious about the business opportunity as a means of helping with my family’s finances. It was the best decision of my life! My leadership skills are being honed again, I dusted off my personal development courses and started putting them back into practice, and I’m creating an income with them! Now I’m putting my two bits into my  family’s finances!!! 

Next is my crochet. I’ve had many acquaintances tell me I should set up crochet shop. I’ve tried many times but it so happened my health was holding me back, but not anymore! 

Yesterday I was working on my Bumblebee Bath Pouf and today I’m finishing the planter cozies!!!


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