Jo-Jo’s Crochet Art

Since my pink drink has helped me with my inflammation enough so I can get back to crocheting while I’m working towards earning myself a couple days a week of hot yoga and water aerobics I decided to share a few images that have inspired me to crochet my swimsuit and yoga outfit😍.

I’m still deciding what colour of yarn to use 🙄, but I’m looking forward to this! A nice break from curtains and renovations 😉. I’ve been finding a few tops, dresses to make as well. LoL! Get started and I can’t stop😂!

I’m thankful to find my inspiration hasn’t died in spite of the pain from my burns. The price I pay for enjoying the sun. The first tan of the year always burns for me. The coconut oil I’ve been using has worked great but doesn’t touch the pain so I’m ending up with an 8,9 in pain level waiting for it to decrease. Sometimes I quiver trying not to cry 😭. And than I forget. Everything 🙄. Sigh. 

Just to make it clear: I use pictures to create my own patterns. None of what I make will be like any of these in the end. 


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