Investing in Yourself 

I know. Investing usually is used together with money. But today I’m not going to use it that way. 

Investment defined using money only means you are putting money aside for you. The only difference between that and savings is savings get used in a pinch or an emergency. Investment is when you put money aside for yourself for your future and it earns interest to make it grow.

People have used this theory on more than just money. And it works very well!

  1. Health
  2. Income

Health: When you invest in your health you’re ‘buying’ yourself more time or a better explanation: you are giving back to your body what it’s done for you. This would be natural sources of help since meds are loaded with chemicals and more can do a lot of harm to your gut creating a lot of damage that will affect you later on down the road❤️.

Trying to eat enough to replace all nutritional deficiencies in your body requires you to eat more than you should to maintain your weight. That will create another problem instead of solving one. Taking high quality nutrition that works is better for you in the long run because you can eliminate eating too much to achieve your health. What most people don’t know is that our soil here in North America is has little nutrition in it anymore with the future appearing bleak on having it change for the better so even our veggies don’t have as much we need. Times are changing. Are you willing to supplement your nutrition another way to maintain your health?

Income: Being able to do this basically lies in your mentality. Saying you need a better job vs. finding a way to afford it. You see, finding a way will open the door for another door to open. It’s like using your talents instead of burying them. Saying you need a better paying job is shutting the door. Learn to say yes. Than find a way to make it happen. It can be done! I just did it! Everything takes time. You need a good solid five reasons to never give up. You need to pick a pace that you’re comfy with so you don’t give up or get bored. 

You can do this. Anything worthwhile is never easy. -jgf

In all honesty being cheap is like cheating and lying. It does a lot of damage. The key is WHERE and WHAT you choose to be cheap on because even I utilize the dollar stores. 
Choosing finding a way is choosing affordable. When you don’t have the money to choose expensive and you know you can’t afford cheap so you find a high quality product to suit your needs because you know in the long run you’ll have less trouble and won’t need to spend so much time fixing. 

Could you use an extra 500$? Yes! I can and I’m sure you could as well!! Now think about getting paid for the following:

  1. Talking to others
  2. Sharing your life 
  3. Make new friends 
  4. Use products that change your life so much you find yourself talking about how your life has changed 😱 (that’s me and I’m an introvert)
  5. Helping others

Network marketing was created to be a part time income. It was built to increase over time and the challenge is personal development NOT making money. Network marketing CAN become a full time job over time depending on your development and whether you gave up on yourself. Anyone can do this IF they’re willing to be honest with themselves and learn. Change their habits. 

Would you prefer working at McDonalds eating fake food and shutting the door on your emotional, physical, financial, and spirituality and blindly ‘doing what everyone else is doing?’ Or actually Living, Learning, Doing. Creating your life according to your standards and beliefs. Maybe not doing what you ‘like’ or ‘whatever you want’ to build an income but it’s one brick after another. Dedicated to you. And your income grows with every effort you put into it. When you never give up sharing your journey momentum builds and eventually like Agustus Gloop stuck in the pipe it goes ‘pop!’ and you’re off to one amazing journey to health and vitality! Don’t stop doing what you’re doing: no matter what your health and wealth status is: live what you learn. Give. Share. For unless you’re actively DOING it there is no way for anything to come back.  

You always get what you put in. Investing is like multiplication. Same with network marketing. You may not like it, but it has amazing dividends. -jgf


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