Just Because You Never Experienced It Doesn’t Make it Wrong. 

Think about it. 

Child #1: As a child growing up being loved, hugged, kissed, trained.

Child #2: Another child raised without love, hugs, kisses, attention, training.

Now when these two children are adults ANYTHING they didn’t experience as a child is foreign to them. What they both didn’t experience are opposite in nature. 

But. Here’s something to consider. 

The above explanation is just like how the body will fight to kick it out the bad germs. Do you know what an unhealthy body does? When a body isn’t taken care of and loved properly it can get so sick it will attack itself and get even sicker. It’s a slow and painful death. 

Child #1 is similar to a healthy body. Child #2 is like an unhealthy body. 

Child #2 can change his position but it’s a lot of hard work. Why? I’ve been there. No love, hugs, kisses, attention, sharing, teaching and because of that my health dipped really low and my immune system started attacking me. 

I on the other hand chose to do what I could for me no matter what others were doing to me. I started as a child and did my best to take care of myself, by myself until I met a man who treated me with respect. My health was gone when I was nine and didn’t know it so my health continually went downhill no matter how I tried to help. 

 Now a year later after finding a creative way to replace my gut health and eventually being capable of emotionally present I see a problem. 

There are so many #2 children in this world and they see what’s good for them as foreign and are trying to ‘kick it out’.  What a sad place this world would be without love, kindness, gentleness, and strength. We need those strengths. Those character building traits!!! 

There IS another way, another option. Think outside the box! Better yet; live outside the box!!!

Be yourself – no one else qualifies. -unknown 

Surround yourself with positive people who build you up. Learn something everyday. Do something you don’t like doing everyday. Do something you’re afraid of everyday. 

Change can happen. It requires time, consistent, and daily effort. Don’t put a deadline to it. Allow it to work the course it was intended. Anything else can be called ‘abuse’. Learn to discipline and control yourself instead of others doing it for you. 

You can do this. -jgf


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