Need or Want?

That frustrating question. What we want isn’t what we need and what we need isn’t what we want. 

Wants create a destructive selfish path that drives us. It leads to aggressive, arrogant, or depressive behaviours. Usually always extremes in either direction. Why? Because we aren’t getting what we need! We choose money instead of happiness. Or possibly we choose to destroy people because we don’t have money or happiness. The end result is always unhappiness multiplied and magnified and yet it’s chosen because it’s apparently comfortable. 🤔 

Needs. That tough one. We don’t want it because it’s not comfortable. We don’t want it because the lack of comfort is annoying and distracting! It requires focus and change. Growth. 

But no one has mentioned what happens after the uncomfortable part! That’s actually what you want! 

“It always goes down before it goes up. It always goes back before it goes forward. It’s a scientific fact. Use it WITH your faith. -jgf

Life isn’t about freebies, free rides, and free, free, free. Which is another way of saying that to achieve this scientific method YOU need to do your part. That’s why you’ve heard so many people say, 

God helps those who help themselves”. -unknown 

Life cannot give you a rose without getting thorns. Those who pick roses in spite of the truth are the people truly living life! Why aren’t you living? Is fear of those thorns holding you back? Why are you doing that to yourself? Do you not realize the beauty you could be holding in your hands if you’d pick the rose in spite of the fear and deal with it as you go? Why be satisfied with someone that’s doing you more harm than good? Because the truth is if if your spirit isn’t growing, living, learning it’s dying. 

The further back or down it goes the further forward and up it goes! It’s like Agustus Gloop getting stuck in that pipe in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!!! The pressure builds up and creates momentum.❤️ 

Take a stand for today. Make that choice. Pick a need. Grow. Find that rose and pick it. 

“Look to the sun and you will never see the shadows. -Helen Keller 

“Through the storms of life that grain of sand in the oyster shell became a pearl”-unknown 


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