Network Marketing as a Form Income 

Network Marketing is supposed to be a pleasant experience. It was created so people could stay at home with family and still work part time to build a part time income. 


Human selfishness and greed is starting to creep in more and more making it an undesirable experience for those choosing network marketing for a source of income as well as for those choosing to purchase products. 

People want to jump in and do it full time instead of part time. After you work it for awhile depending on how many people you know and your level of PR skills, where the people you know are in their life it can become full time. But it’s built to start as part time so you can be with your family more, or whatever reason you chose networking. It’s built so you can earn, learn, and meet new people at the same time. When people start feeling like you only want to be their friend so you can talk to them about the product you have to offer than you’re doing it wrong. People should appreciate you for you. Everyone has the best product. And everyone is right in their own eyes. 

Networking is supposed to be a pleasant experience. Sharing with your friends how it’s changed your life for the better. How it could change theirs over a meal, hike, tea or whatever you and your friends enjoy doing together. There shouldn’t be any pressure involved. 

Money is like happiness. When money is chased it will elude you. -jgf

Life and networking are similar. Do you choose to allow people in your life that make you miserable? No! Same with networking. You always share about the people who amaze you! The things that have seriously altered your life for the better! 

Network marketing is not another method of selling. It’s all about sharing. Sharing how the products you use have changed your life and the value of your life. It’s not about convincing people. If you have to convince someone that is your first clue you don’t want them on your team. 

And yet we’re working on creating an income because we’re at home and want to help with the income. Two things:

  1. If we want money AND happiness obviously we have to do something else or focus on something else. What are you going to do now?
  2. If you don’t share about your products and your latest decision how will people know what you’re doing? 

Choosing network marketing as a form of income is another way of creating you to be a better person because if you chase the $$$ they elude us. So we find ways to be a better person other people love to have around. But you find that only goes so far and you grow impatient because we live in a world where we have to have everything and right now. 

There’s a time for everything. Growth. Lessons. Patience. Healing. 

Everything takes time. If you want it to last a little longer, that is. Have you ever noticed that instant food has a lot of fake ingredients? Do you understand what that does to your body? When I eat real food I don’t eat as much because I get full sooner. What does that say for fake food? What does that tell you about how your brain and gut are processing the food you’re eating? It means your gut and brain don’t understand how to digest it and your brain says ‘I need more food’ because food is how it’s used to getting the vitamins and minerals it needs to help the body operate at its best. When the food doesn’t have any it will tell the gut it needs more…if you eat food filled with necessary nutrition the brain will say it’s full sooner because it’s getting what it needs. 

Whether you like nutrition, supplements or not if you’re deficient there’s no way you’ll be able to eat your way to maintainence. Our food these days doesn’t have the nutrition it used to. Do you know what kind of damage lack of nutrition can do to your body (quality nutrition will give your body the necessities. Quality means you’ll have to spend a little more than you do at the dollar store)? Do you believe you are worth the time, money, and effort to invest in your health? Do you realize that if you don’t have you, you can’t even LIVE?

The above is an excellent example of networking. Maybe you don’t want to do it, but if you want something to last you need to invest more of yourself and say no to those things you want but aren’t good for you. Sometimes it requires time to heal. Or time to discipline yourself and learn how to say no without explanation. And it’s a great way to learn about life and how it works because no matter what they teach you in school; there is no way to learn about life except from the lessons life gives you. 

When you share with others what you’re doing and how your life is changing for the better because of it, you’re letting others know what you’re doing. You’re also giving others an opportunity to share with you. Maybe they want to know how you can help them. 

Networking is a two-way street. -jgf 

So is communication. When you drive faster than speed limit it’s harder to pay attention to the signs and what’s going on around you. Same with networking. Pick a pace; preferably speed limit or a little slower so you can catch what is going on and it doesn’t take you by surprise. Same with networking. 

Be present. Be alive. Be aware. Show others how by your actions. Don’t do anything you don’t want someone else to do to you.

Be creative.



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