Communication is Like a Two Way Street.

Communication is comparative to traffic😱? I hope you know how to drive! 

It’s not always the other person. Sometimes it’s you. And than it becomes vice versa🙄. Please don’t tell me…this is becoming an English assignment and all my varied answers are correct. Accck! I just want to bury myself for awhile before I have to face more people😂. 


If a relationship isn’t going as well as you’d like, it’s time to speak up. Someone is misinterpreting something. Now there’s problem solving involved🤔. Sometimes this speaking up takes time. It took me almost 10 years before I could communicate at least a little without my family understanding. Maybe they still misunderstand, but they don’t say anything anymore. Either way it works better now than before. 


I’ve learned that whatever perspective you own is how you interpret my words. Some of my family are negative. I’m positive. Everything I say becomes twisted to something negative when they read/listen to my words. That isn’t what I meant but it’s ok. Over time they’ll learn. 

I learned to create small talk. Allow the other party to approach me with a subject. Overtime with small talk the heftier more important subjects are brought up by the others. 

It’s like teamwork. Everyone needs to be doing it the same for it to work smoothly enough for high quality results. It’s not all me. It’s not all them. 

It’s 💯 % of all of us. 


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