My Plexus Slim Review 

The day of the Big Reveal arrived and I; an ambassador for Plexus Worldwide, thought about the day before and the hankering I had for something to help promote good gut microflora. I didn’t know what to expect except that I already knew my only means of watching the Big Reveal didn’t have the requirements to watch it so my enthusiasm was dampened. A lot. I took it in stride though and watched Facebook for status updates. I found out about the new Plexus Slim via a group chat on messenger. The ironic part was the lady informing me didn’t quite catch everything and was asking for more information herself. So piece by piece I put the puzzle together. I received an email asking me if I was interested in being a part of the Plexus Slim Influencer Team. That was when reality sunk in. Receiving the information about the new patent pending pink drink and realizing my thoughts had just become reality! It was hardly a prayer, but God knew exactly what I needed! That made me feel so good! My excitement overflowed graciously and yet like a waterfall in a canyon it roared with a many words, and little space and time for organization with few people listening because of access or interest. ​​​​I knew without a doubt this was the finishing touch I needed for my health. I started getting ready to receive a bag of the new Plexus pink drink free of charge to sample and tell you what I found. 

So here we go!

This new and improved drink that’s pink. It has a flavour that surpasses the ‘old’ Slim. This new delicious flavour is lemon, raspberry, and watermelon. Every sip is different. Sometimes you taste all three separately and the next time it’s altogether. The flavour gives me the exotic taste of energy that tells my body; ‘let’s go make some good things happen!’ The best part is the lack of sugar. The balance of taste. It’s not too sweet and not at all tart! The flavour walks the line; proudly balancing itself over top the roaring river of poor gut health. 

When the powerful goodness leaves the packet to explore the new world of ice cold water, it easily blends like a beautifully adjusted human being bending, not snapping in two in the storms of life. There is no clumping of low self esteem and confidence. Only great pride in its ability to mix and blend so well it could be dubbed the chameleon. ​

​Why am I so excited? Good question.  I mean you could be wondering about my sanity already! Let’s make a list of reasons and multiply every number by 10 increasing in increments of 10. Like this; 1×10, 2×20, and so on. Play a guessing game with what number you’ll get! Just for fun! It’s not about being right. It’s about the difference between the numbers (Did I just say that? That’s sounds suspiciously like subtraction)!

  1. Promotes good gut microflora
  2. Increase metabolism enhancing Akkermansia microbes by 257 times!
  3. Increases Lactobacillus by 365 times: enhances overall health 
  4. Increases bifidobacterium by 290 times: enhances overall health 
  5. Supports healthy glucose metabolism 
  6. Clinically demonstrated prebiotic 

The above reasons are exciting because it equals much better health all in one small packet. Let’s grow the good! It targets our healthy glucose metabolism and our gut health! I was so excited waiting for this new drink I went live on Facebook when I went to pick my parcels I was notified about only to find out the package wasn’t the pink drink. It was a certificate from the president of Plexus Worldwide congratulating me on achieving my first goal: Silver ambassador. 

The gift wrap: the packaging this small, yet immensely powerful gift is given is like the flavour: lively and energetic! You see the gift wrap and it simply cheers you up when you see it!

Most people lead such busy lives when could they ever find time to sip a little pink drink? Let’s see. It takes me about a second to rip open the package, another 3 to put it in the water. Shaking it like the hokey pokey is another 3. That’s only 7-8 seconds. There are 60 seconds in a minute! You could probably take advantage of last 50 seconds to guzzle the pink drink (or watch the video above) but everyone needs to take time and breath. Why not take a break and drink pink? When I do I walk away feeling better. Relax. Your body needs it. ​

​Last year when I began my journey to better health I was dying. Such poor health that even the thought of living was exhausting. I felt so good when the pink drink crossed my lips I indulged myself in the goodness of the drink. My extremely poor health helped me become acutely aware of the little changes.

There were some things that I didn’t notice until they were gone. That’s how poor my health was. It brings a certain sensitivity and gratitude when an opportunity enters ones life to bring about the miracle you’ve been praying for all your life.I was waiting for this since I was 16. My body was expanding and I was desperate for ideas but I learned fast that traditional weight loss methods didn’t work for me. I needed this when I was nine. My gut microbiome’s balance was jarred into extinction when I was nine. An assault. My parents didn’t understand, blamed me, and expected life to go on as normal. The stress of living with that little girl inside me dead, virginity gone and no one to talk to. Moving on in life, older than my years, grieving for that little girl and I had no idea of what was going on within me. My mom refused to let my talk to someone for emotional support. The stress killed my gut microflora. My health started going downhill slowly. Yeast overgrowth symptoms started showing up within six months of the incident and I didn’t know that back than. In the last 10 years I knew I was dying but I found no help. I was apparently fine every time I went to the doctor for help. The last five years my health was like the little bit of toilet paper on the roll; oops! All gone! The improvements I have experienced in this last year with Plexus pink drink have been instrumental in helping me get me back on my feet much faster than I expected. All my results are not weight loss. I couldn’t: a sprained ligament in one foot dubbed Lisa and a torn ligament in the other ankle that wouldn’t heal until I started drinking pink. That one is dubbed Libby. Even eating right was tough because I was on the road trying to make an income and utilizing a small budget because I was doing my best to afford the pink drink. But I’m here a year after I started and I’m drinking more water and eating right; feeling like the queen of everything because my efforts paid off last year in spite of not being able to do everything perfect.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


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