Growing Pains

As a child growing up sometimes my body would hurt from nothing. My mom (my mom was an RN) said it was growing pains. Huh? Yep. 

It always gets worse before it gets better. -jgf

Everything is like that. Emotional development. Physical development. Financial development. Spiritual development. Relationships. 

That’s why some people choose not to grow, or become better. They’ve experienced so much pain in one area of life they need an extra dose of TLC: tender loving care. 

It’s not even always their fault. Some bad people in this world make it their business to make people suffer on purpose. Make innocent people appear guilty by making the innocent pay for (the guilty person’s) actions. 
Don’t forget: paperwork doesn’t vouch for any persons character. A person choosing to live won’t have perfect paperwork but they will own an honourable and reliable, even respectable character. This is a person worth keeping in your life. Someone who doesn’t learn, live, or chooses to make the innocent suffer will have perfect paperwork but will not own a character and life worth knowing or being a part of. Its a person’s character that makes them worth knowing or not. 

The most annoying people are the ones that need the most love. 

Do you see the pushme/pullyou of these pains? Take a course in science and it will all start to make sense. 

I’ve always loved my math and science because it’s reliable and never changes. Why? Because of my childhood trauma. It’s where I found unconditional love. 


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