Good Morning World!

Good Morning! It was a sweet sleep, amazing rest, and I got up refreshed this morning! 

Now this doesn’t happen to be all that normal for me so I feel blessed that I am getting my sleep AND rest! That’s why I didn’t get a picture taken of that 😂 and Doug went back to work last night. I can’t honestly not give any credit to #Plexus for their amazing product because the change came after I started using them. Credit also goes to Doug because he has been my most loyal supporter and motivator. I get the most credit though because in spite of skepticism, the odds facing me since I was dying I chose to take the chance and see where this opportunity would lead me!

Mitzi is my sweet companion. She helps me when I’m not feeling the best, but when I’m having a good day she likes to have fun and play games (keeping me in line😜).

I had breakfast outside because I can! A little chilly for Mitzi until her footsies dried from her walk. We both had our pink drink so we can enjoy the rest of the day! 

The view I have is a handy reminder of who is holding my future! #beyourownhero #bebolddrinkpink​​


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