Listen to Your Body

Why would I listen to my body? If I want to eat, I’ll eat! Or if I don’t want to eat, I won’t! If I want to take supplements I will or if I refuse to than so be it!

But here’s the thang: your body is talking to you through your hunger, lack of hunger, mood swings, stress, weight loss or gain, your itchy, scratchy, peeling skin, dandruff, ugly fungus nails, and the list goes on. 

And the punchline: no one should eat so much that they get ALL your vitamins and minerals from your food. Never mind trying to eat extra to help with nutritional deficiencies. Here’s an example: to get your daily dose of chromium for balancing blood sugars and maintaining metabolism you need nine cups of broccoli…preferably raw. Enzymes leave once your veggies have been in temperatures above 40 degrees. I’m not doing that! Too much food. My body didn’t like that idea either.

How do I know my body didn’t like that? Mine comes from years of experience. I started before I was a teenager and was privileged to have my practice on my family. It honed my skills fairly quickly but requires practice and a love yourself and peace within to acquire the experience necessary for lifelong use. 

The benefits of listening to your body are huge: you don’t care what others think of you, you don’t need approval, your self esteem and confidence are strong and healthy, you do what you need to for you and yours no matter what, you’re grounded within so you aren’t wish-washy, a happy, healthy, stress free life, you love yourself and are at peace with yourself. You forgive yourself and move on. You love yourself through pain and heartache. You learn to adjust with change and let it go. You learn when to speak up and to stand up for yourself; living within your boundaries ❤️

It’s a beautiful life. I don’t regret making the choice. I love every challenge I faced because it has created me for who I am now. 

Listening to your body is worth the effort and time❤️


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