Honestly. I was Terrified. 

Over 360 pounds and gaining. 

Eating healthy and exercise something I always did because I was trying to keep my weight down, but only added pounds so I let it go. 

Doctors said I was fine🤔

So I went in search of something natural. But. Nothing worked. I couldn’t find anything that didn’t aggravate something in my body. I was in tears searching because my body was screaming and yelling for help and nothing worked🙈

I was terrified when my friend shared Plexus products with me, but my body relaxed at the thought of healthy from the inside out. That was my motto from when I was a kid. Always from the inside out. Thankfully Doug told me to just try it. If it doesn’t work deal with it later. 

So I purposefully focused in the opposite direction of my skepticism and on what my gut was telling me: this is what you’ve been waiting for all these years. Bravely I jumped in. It tasted so good! I wanted more! After a week I knew my body wasn’t dying anymore. I cried. I was so scared and yet in spite of everything I managed to make the right decision❤️

I couldn’t exercise: one sprained ligament and another torn. Both weren’t healing. 

On the road with my man … I did my best to eat right, but needless to say it’s always difficult. 

I lost over 2 feet, 4 sizes, and the ligaments are all healed enough for me to wear sandals! My feet are baby smooth and the skin isn’t peeling. My ugly nails are clearing up. My skin tags from an unhealthy gut are disappearing, my gums look healthy and don’t bleed, inflammation is WAY down, I don’t need naps, I don’t fall asleep and get dizzy or lightheaded when I get hungry,  my skin has a glow and isn’t so pasty white anymore! My energy is returning along with my passion. My emotional health from childhood trauma is also fading and myself is getting stronger: emotionally and physically.

My achey breakey heart (and body) is on the mend! Eating healthy works now😍 and I can go hiking and soak up Gods beauty in the beautiful BC mountains! My life works now! #tearsofjoy

Thank you God for answering my prayers, and thank you Joleen for not giving up on me❤️


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