Have you ever watched James Cameron’s Avatar?

The movie harmless even boring until you ‘meet’ the Colonel Miles and Parker.

I’ve watched the movie many times but I noticed something yesterday.

As evil as the Colonel and Parker are Jake earns the natives respect and builds belief. When terror comes they band together and fight back🤔

Why? The military have more deadly weapons and also advantage, but they do it anyway. 

And at the end; they won. The odds were against them making the win a somber, yet exciting trophy! 
It’s like an analogy to life itself. When you choose to do something against all odds and build the same belief in others, you will win. 

Like me for example. 

I chose network marketing as a part time income while taking time to heal myself and get back on my feet. I have many, many reasons for it not to work; 

  1. my family doesn’t act like they want me in their life: they don’t contact me unless they need me for some reason. They don’t chat unless I start it. Sad, yet brilliant. No invites to Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.
  2. I have to start ‘from scratch’ creating friends, building relationships
  3. My hubby is a professional driver. We aren’t around enough to get involved in a community. 
  4. We have moved around a lot trying to find our little place in the world❤️

But it can be done. Anyway. I know my strengths, weaknesses, beliefs. I believe that my dreams will unfold even if it appears that life is against me❤️

I am confident and know that God is my best friend and together we make one unbeatable team. 

The biggest lesson here is learning faith. Believing, knowing, visualizing your dreams as reality when nothing in your life presently is ‘acting like it will happen’.


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