My Pink Drinkin’ Adventures!

I used the name ‘my pink drink adventures’ on purpose because I wanted a place to brag about all the things Plexus has done for me!

The company has taught me a lot; the products have given me my health back so I can do what I love❤️: share health, life, and love! 

Not according to popular belief is the fact that vitamins and minerals is to our body like rain is to the parched dry ground. We need it to grow, be healthy, and live. Medications if you read the symptoms will tell you that they kill all the good and bad to do the job. Why poison yourself when you can utilize the power God gave our complex beings and you can give yourself only good and it kicks out the bad AND enhances the good!? 

So here I am: four sizes down without exercise because of healing a torn ligament. Now my ligament has healed enough I can consider exercise😍 so thanks to Plexus I can be as active as I want … hiking, exploring is on my daily agenda. Because of this and my sharing; I’m so proud of myself: I’ve struggled 20 years to get my weight down. No advice anyone gave me worked including pills from the doctor 😱 I now have my products paid for❤️ 

Finally, things are looking up and working. Waiting 20 years was worth it all!

Don’t give up just because you need or want freedom and nothing seems to work. There’s a reason. Wait for it if you have to, just don’t give up. 

Where there’s a will there’s a way❤️


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