Cold Messaging 

Cold messaging is preferably tossed on the back burner. It’s too risky according to fear. 

Now put it beside building relationships, people who care about others enough that they’ll try their best to start a conversation with someone they haven’t met or don’t know. 

Everyone has something they don’t like about their past. Maybe your parents didn’t hug you, talk to you, teach you. Maybe they didn’t take care of you. This plays a huge part into who you become, your opinions, what you want for you, how you want other people to treat you. 


Everyone has this position of how you want others to treat you! To rise above it and be a success you’ll need to let it go. What are you going to do now?

Network marketing isn’t about money or success. It’s about getting paid all my tomorrows for what I SHARE today. If you focus on $$$ the money walks away. If you want to make an honest income with network marketing your focus should be on WHO you are. No one wants to purchase anything from anyone who doesn’t treat them well; like kings and queens. To be able to do this it’s not about what you’re saying or who you’re talking to. It’s about the thoughts you keep. Your daily everyday habits. Your health plays a HUGE part in this; I’ve experienced it. 

So I’m asking you; are you passionate about what you’re doing? Do you LOVE (and an honest, unselfish love not selfish) the company you work for?

And now hardest truth of all: the policies and guidelines of your company are what build you as a network marketer. Not you. Not your upline. Not what you think people are or aren’t doing FOR you. 

For example: my company pays me to SHARE, not sell (and yes! They do pay). They keep things simple, understandable. Like our code of ethics:

Our company helps train their teams of ambassadors and doesn’t expect anything of you; if you choose to work the business than you’ll do that! If you don’t that’s fine. 


That doesn’t mean you don’t communicate. You need to use your voice and talk in order to do this. It’s a business after all and being professional means saying what you want, need, or what’s happening in your life so you can work with others on your team. 

And here’s the ultimate tip: it’s not what you say as much as you reach out and say it. You can learn on the go and change what you say as you go/learn. Apologies are a sign of strength. It’s not something people do as a general rule plus it’s not easy masking it a strengthening exercise not weakness. Especially in network marketing where who you are and using your manners and being polite get you further than not using them at all. 

Now go out there and SHARE! (no selling)!!! Use the above to cold messaging and you’ll find it’s not cold messaging. It’s passion, love, care, and building relationships! 

Build a BIGGER life❤️


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