The Importance of Moo-ving. 

Have you ever noticed the difference in water when it simply sits? 

It gets stale, yucky stuff starts growing and it begins to grow. 😖

Now think of those rivers and streams where water is running; somersaults, stumbling over rocks, and singing songs! It smells beautiful and feels fresh! 

People are like that as well. Emotionally and physically. That’s why it’s so important to let go and moo-ve on. Whether it’s a physical or emotional situation. Moo-ve on. Be as active as possible without hurting yourself. 

I use high quality nutrition to balance my blood sugar, decrease inflammation and increase good gut bacteria in my gut, colon. And as funny as this may sound; it helps me stay active. 

My health was poor last year. Moving around was painful since Arthur had moved in while I was healing a torn ligament. Now I’ve lost 4 sizes and am moving around much more and am able to smile in spite of the pain 😍 (yes, the pain was that bad). Arthur is moving out painfully, but at least he’s moving out. Less pain, less stress, less baggage. 

It’s most definitely worth it all!


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