The Truth about Me.

Healing. Die off has finally struck my joints … I knew this would happen, but I didn’t know when. Ironically healing requires pain before peace. ❤️

Pain. Because I momentarily forgot moderation when I got my hands on Plexus because it made me feel better and I jumped in with both feet … taking the most I was allowed to take instead of minimum with consideration of consequences❤️

Tears to wipe away the pain from smiling and not showing the pain in public. Tears ease the pain. Emotionally and physically. Oddly enough❤️

It always gets worse before it gets better. Health. Wealth. Relationships. Some people follow through to the end. Others don’t. -jgf 

Pain can alter cognitive, emotional, and behavioural responses to life. So does unbalanced blood sugars, inflammation, and poor gut health. I have experienced this as my health got poorer and I struggled to not let it happen until I realized I couldn’t fight it any longer and I let it go. That was a difficult decision, but so necessary for future health when a friend would share Plexus products with me❤️

My gut is healing. My inflammation is decreasing. My blood sugars are balancing❤️

How I know? Die off symptoms. Weight loss. The brain fog lifted and anxiety has disappeared. My cravings and need for food disappeared and a craving for water and good food replaced it❤️

No pain, no gain, and everything in moderation. -jgf
I treasure my health like a prized possession that was given to me to take care of.

I don’t feel qualified; it’s difficult nowadays to to eat in a manner that makes your body happy, but I still do my best even if I make mistakes. If I’m not dead that means I have another opportunity to try again. -jgf


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