Trust Your Gut!

My gut health took a nose dive when I was a kid. 

My mom didn’t know how to help, (dad wouldn’t have let her anyway), and I struggled with issues children don’t have to deal with and a different perspective on life than any child my age.

Why am I telling you this?

Because those dear to me never told me. If I would’ve had half a chance my story could’ve been different but I never did have that chance. 

I have something better❤ 

I have better health now than I did as a teenager 🙊 Yes, it’s true!

And I promised myself to never treat anyone the way I was treated. 

The hardest thing to do was balance my mood with my mouth when I struggled with adrenal failure. I thought I was disciplined enough when in reality it was my body; sick and pleading for help. 

Give yourself a chance to make your health more important than money because when you don’t have you, you don’t have a chance to bring in that paycheck. -jgf 


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